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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is Local Search Engine Optimization. It means your business is ranking in searches for businesses close to it, as well as indexing other content and websites of your choice. Google indexes businesses in the area and then analyzes what information about those businesses is available. With this information, Google can provide the best results to users searching for a specific goods or services in their area.

To rank better, there are many variations to why to rank higher. analyze your website, and you will see which areas need improvement. Here at Framework Series, we often rank for a search term like "web design google" or "graphic design services el paso". To answer any questions, we simply want to explain that our business ranks for these search terms. This blog post will explore what you can do to make your website more discoverable and rank higher in the SERPs.

Keywords & Variations!

Have you ever searched something up and it appeared as if the answer was read from your mind? Well, this is partly Google's Search Engine's fault; they analyze everything. When you search for something, you can type in either a long keyword or a short keyword. Google breaks down the keyword you input and find the best articles in which contain that keyword or those with a similar type of keyword. Google scours through the internet and filters to find you the most relevant results in your search. This is largely because of the power of their algorithms that they can detect patterns and use those to find information.

google search bar ready to search up framework series web design agency

Google Search Bar Ready to Find Our Business!

There are two keywords: long-term and short-term. They can be found in every article. Google divides them into 2 subcategories in order to analyze them faster. Short-keywords are single words that have a very broad definition, so to better define what you’re looking for, they offer google results you also like. They are pretty common in every place! So it can be difficult to rank well over them, such as "Skateboard Shoes". Vans will likely be shown first in the search engine, and there are many other sites with this topic.

Long-term keywords are useful for precisely what you’re looking for and if your business is well-targeted toward a specific audience, they can really make a difference. Enter in a whole paragraph so that you can find content specifically related to your inquiry. Dropping keywords on your site can help it rank better and help you draw more traffic. But if keywords are being used too often and in the wrong place, it can have a negative impact! We’ll talk about this in more detail later.
Here are the Best places to drop those keywords:

- H1 Headers
- ALT for Images
- Meta Descriptions
- Meta Titles
- Paragraphs
- Image Names
- Links, etc.

When placed upon these areas, it can leave a long lasting impact on your website! Here’s an example:

google search bar indexing results for framework series el paso
meta title and meta description for framework series with search keywords

The Search Term is a Long-term Keyword. Google will break down the search and show related keywords as possible within a site. The way we rank in Google is connected to a few different factors. The meta description and title, for instance, are important to accurately reflect what your Site offers.

Meta Description:

“Web Designer | Framework Series is a renowned & awarded web design Agency in El Paso Tx, Developing websites & using up to date SEO marketing strategies!”

The Keywords highlighted in bold, are what it ranks for. You have to find the specific keywords to rank within your website, in order to outdo the other competitors!


- If Ranking Locally, make sure to Address the Location within your website.
- Do NOT Spam Keywords Across Your Website, this will result in a Google Penalty.
- Make sure, when naming the images, be descriptive about it, describe the image and what is is like.
- Look at what your competitors are ranking for in keywords within the search results.
- Always aim for ranking in the first page of google.

Some Websites to Help You Generate Keywords:

- Google trends
- Google Ad Sense > Google Keyword Planner
- SEMrush
- Ahrefs
- LSIgraphs

Optimizing Listings for Better Rankings

When you search for a specific store on google, it shows a listing of all the descriptions, hours and other information like address. You will also see reviews that people have left. It is important to rank among the top positions in search engines. Key factors in this are providing qualitative content, keeping your listings visible and relevant, and reaching more people.

In order to succeed, you can use “Google My Business”, for any business out there, this is key to ranking to the top the fastest. Many people use a search engine like Google to find a topic near their location. They see the best businesses by looking at the results and can choose to contact them for more information or employ them. Therefore, if you haven't created a Google My Business Profile or GMB Profile, then you are missing out on an incredible amount of benefits and it is easy to set up. There's no subscriptions or upfront fees involved.

Google needs to recognize you as a professional business so that you can rank among your competitors. To do this, establish an excellent presence. For example, continuously posting pictures, providing information, and posting alerts or news often. All these factors help to improve your Google local listing and bring more traffic to your business. What do you think is the most important factor in ranking well on Google and Bing? Paying attention to detail. Having a solid website with clean and current information will help improve your rankings. And importantly, REVIEWS. If your listing has poor reviews, Google will not rank that business because it only wants the best for its customers! We want our customers to be happy with their purchases, so it’s really important that they leave good reviews. It’s also important to tell customers when they haven’t liked something and apologize to them.

Gathering Website Links to Rank Higher!

There are many ways to rank higher on search engines. One of the most effective ways is to gather website links.

Gathering website links is a common practice among SEO experts and digital marketers. The process involves finding websites that link back to your site, and then requesting that they put a link on their site for your site.

You can either do this manually or you can use tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to find linking websites for you. Acquiring these links can boost your website both locally and worldwide to whomever is searching for your services! When the google algorithm notices that your website has many links pointing back at you, then it boost your rank for more people to see, since it appeared in many links.

However, you must be careful when acquiring links, some links have bad reputation which can damage your website’s health score. Having bad Links pointing at you can lower your website from the search results and can decrease the traffic within your site vastly. Make sure to track a website’s domain authority and link trust flow in order to engage with this link!


Although there is so much more to cover, these are the most specific details a business needs to undoubtedly go over in order to rank higher on the search engine results.

Hopefully this article helped you!


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