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Approaching Web Design Client.

Leaving a Good first Impression on the Client is Not just Recommended but valuable for a Future Lead Generation. We often doubt ourselves that we are pushing the client too much, or they may think of us as salesmen. But no, let’s restructure our mindset, and give potential through our words with Value. We Will Not Sell, We Will Advice or Inform the Client about a Certain Problem related to their Business. In this Example, I will use web design. Follow the steps to improve.

The Rule of the 4 P’s! Yes that is Correct, 4 P’s it may sound absurd, but it works ridiculously well with anyone, all we need to do is master the technique, and apply this lesson:

1. Promise. Make a Promise to the client, A promise that you will give valuable information that will help them in what they need. In Return, Nothing. Make it brief and straight to the point.

Ex. Today I made a video to advise you on how to improve your website & gain more customers.

2. Picture. Go after Their Emotions. What Does Every Business Owner Want? Success. It applies to anything, you just have to investigate what common problem they are having, and make sure to say it clearly so they can relate and picture it with you. The Final Questions Are essential, because it is a hook, they stop and think but by the time they come up with a conclusion, you proposed one.

Ex: I Want You to imagine, that of course, your business has succeeded for years on end, through the most difficult situations, and finally meet a Big client or Potential Audience.
You are ready to Display your Services, so you send your website link. Now choose Either, A Skeletal, Scrappy, Messed Up Website that costs you 10 bucks on Fiverr or a preferably Modern Designed, Responsive Piece artwork that displays your hard work.
What impression does it leave them? Will it open or close opportunities for your business?

3. Proof. Show them, Don’t Tell them. Before anyone makes a move, they have to make sure they are making the right decision of purchasing or doing a certain activity. By Sending proof, this triggers the visualization process in the previous step. Not just that, but it will make them Question themselves Psychologically. This Step Is crucial for a decision to be made from the client, to close you down or you close down the sale.

crappy old website design that generates no leads for an agency

- Ex: Crappy $10 Site 

beautiful website design for el paso web design agency made from framework series el paso

- Ex: $1000 Site

4. Pitch. A Single option, 1 Thing you want them to do. By doing this, you corner the Client with a Single choice, because the client is Afraid of Failure, they will most likely revoke their position of disapproval onto interest with your advice. Make sure To Advice, NOT SELL. By Selling, you immediately brought down the client’s expectations, leaving a bad impression.

Ex: If you got something out of this, please feel free to contact us, we will be more than welcomed to help you! 

This is a An Example Text/Email Template! Use it wisely!

Hey [first name],
I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to reach out because we saw your [Website, Facebook Page] and thought that our services may benefit you!
[Company Name] has a new platform that will help your team at [organization name] to understand the customer needs and client leads of a website.
We do this by:
● Enhancing a Better Design
● SEO Marketing
● Targeted Audience & Customer Engagement
Let's explore how [Company Name] can specifically help your business. Are you available for a quick call [time and date]?


Although there is so much more to cover, these are the most specific details a business needs to undoubtedly go over, but keep the best values in practice!

Hopefully this article helped you!


Framework Series, El Paso, Texas. 

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