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Framework Series FAQ

Maybe the Advertising has Caught up you, The Anguish and Pressure on what to do next is beside you, We understand that feeling as well, we make sure to make every aspect of your website better than before. We won't make you regret what you have chosen for your future!

The Future is connected with Many people around the world just beneanth out Finger Tips. To Demonstrate our capacity of our businesses, we must create the perfect presentation to attract audiences and more!

In Every Corner of the internet, there will be the 2-sided Advertising, "IT'S FREE" turns out it wasn't. In other words, creating a Website that is time consuming and Expensive, many bugs and problems get involved but we make the best and affordable prices for everyone.

"IF" a Contact Form were to made in your website, Customers will most likely review, discuss or talk about your products and services. But too many of these Customers can fill Contact Line, and no email will be able to reach us or yourself. There is a Limit to everything.

In Simple Words, it's Slower. Many images, data, info and more are located inside the website, the server needs to send back this Factors to a Customer at a Rate where it won't crash the website.

Sometimes, The Server May Crash, some Data May be Lost, such as your Website and other details. We want to ensure that at least Your Website Makes it out alive and profoundly stay updated with no other latency issues to deal with.

No, This Won't Ever Happen. None of Personal Information may be given to the Programmer, but steps will be provided on how to deliver the PayPal Button Code to the Programmer. More information About this Here.

No, The PayPal Button only tracks Payments Toward the Owner, Therefore it has no other use. The Programmer Doesn't have Access To this Information without an Account, Password, Social Security and etc.

Unfortunately, there are Many Ransomware Hackers that want to Expose our Businesses and Life's. Although PayPal May Seem Secure, We Strongly Recommend Getting an SSL Certificate to Avoid Data Leaks when Forms Are Being Transferred From server to server. This Potentially can save your business and future.

If You want to Deploy Your Website FAST (1-3 Days), We Recommend Getting a Template, these Templates may be the foundation of your website, from there our developers build your idea from top to bottom perfectly as you assigned them too!

A Host Service Allows Your Website to Be in the Internet and Connect Your Customers to You immediately. You Choose if our Team or Yourself Wants to Host the Website, many benefits come in both sides, it all comes down to you!

Letting our Team Host Makes Your Work Simpler every day, A Team Works on Uploading a Back-Up Every time Uploaded to the Internet, As Well in charge of notifying You about Emails made by customers themselves. Moreover, we can determine your Analytics of Your Website, and See which Customers review your website! And the List Goes on.

Independency is First. The ownership and control is at your Hands! You will have access to everything about Your website, depending on your host too!

With the Free Host Service We provide, at the end of Your Website, it will be labeled as this simply shows the host's services of your website being afloat in the web. To Change it to a .COM or .NET a additional payment must be done to recover a custom domain.

Some of us don't have the Necessary or Perfect Pictures to Display on Our Websites, we want to make a Good First Impression. We can take care of this by Sending a Photography Team to Your Business and Taking a Photo shoot of Your Products and later on editing them in Photoshop to make them look Perfect! To Avoid Any Third Party Claims, please provide original Images, not images Taken From Google, Bing, Microsoft, etc.

If Our Team Hosts the Website, and the Additional Service is Payed out weekly, Our team Will Send You Back Emails of Your Customers Such as reviews, tips, ideas and more. We will send Confirmation Emails when an Order has been Placed as well.

Our Team Will Schedule in Advance a date to start your Business project, it will appear in the Waiting List Tab Here. Depending on the Website being Created, it will usually be done in 1 Week, if it's a Simple Web it will most likely be done in 1-4 Business Days!

This Means that our Team Will Update Codes within your Website and improve throughout the Year so it wont Risk Getting old and not working as efficiently as it began.

Monthly Updates Fixes These Problems, At the End of Every Month, Please Report Any Bugs About Your Website, and How it Affects it Right Here.

A progressive web application (PWA) is a type of application software delivered through the web, built using common web technologies including HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is intended to work on any platform that uses a standards-compliant browser, including both desktop and mobile devices

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